Our clients

NHIF SRBS (Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme)

Wall cladding and painting to KNH RBS(Retirement benefit Scheme) Building along Riara road - 2018

Erection of perimeter wall Kajiado/Kaputiei North 25471 -2018


Periodic Maintenance Of KAPTAMA-CHESITO -2020

Construction Of Dairy Processing Plant IN Webuye - 2019

Routine Maintenance Of Namwela Road - 2019

Construction Of Theatre In Bumula Subcounty Hospital - 2019

Construction Of Water Pipeline Project From CHEBWEK-CHEBKUBE MARKET in Cheptais Ward - 2018

Periodic Maintenance Of KIPSIGON-KAPKISEI ROAD -2018

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA)

Construction of Internal Access Roads And Provision of Trunk Services ON 40 Acres Parcel Of Land In Lukenya - 2020

Construction Of Perimeter Wall On 40 Acres Parcel Of Land In Lukenya - 2019


Construction of Market In Nyakoe - 2020

Kenyatta National Hospital (Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme)

Construction of Boundary Wall,GateHouse and Related Services for KNHSSS - 2018

Kenya Rural Roads Authority

Routine Maintainance Of NAKHASIKO-NAGINA ROAD - 2018

County Government of Kajiado

Construction of Perimeter Wall, Chain Link Fence Parking and Other works at GATAKA DISPENSARY- 2019